Web Address: Focus Rides

Focus rides contacted us through a contact who we previously did work for and was looking for someone reliable and honest to assess and improve the SEO on the website so that it would attract more visitors.

Whilst the site was nice, it wasn’t being found on search engines and the course booking was abandoned as the functionality wasn’t explained how to use it.


The first thing to do was to start collecting the data from the site from Google Analytics and Google Search Console.  These tools allow us to assess where the website is positioned on Google, what channels are driving traffic currently and what opportunities there are to improve on the keywords being targeted.

Once we have the measurement metrics in place, research was needed to discover the competition, the keywords that people would use to find the mountain bike services offered and the intent of people looking.

The event and courses functionality was essential to give people an easy way to book the desired mountain bike course as well as the other events that would be taking place at the newly created Wolds mountain bike park in Lincolnshire.

Over the last 12 months, the amount of Google searches have more than quadrupled with clicks following a similar pattern.  This is due to the basics of SEO being done properly, with page titles, heading titles and content being corrected for marketing purposes, as well as the way in which people could get in touch being simplified.  We expect continued growth from now on due to the foundations now being secure and the following on social media the site has gathered whilst being built.

If you are in the area, take a look for yourself and get in touch with the team over there, they are a nice bunch.

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