Web Address: Manchester Security Systems

Manchester Security Systems are a new, small start-up company that provide a home and business security service, supplying and installing a range of security systems, such as CCTV cameras, video doorbells, fire and smoke alarms and more.

To reach new customers searching for these services on Google, MSS required a modern, easy to use website that would highlight their services and make it easy to understand what was being offered and to make an appointment.


We created a website using WordPress so that it could be easily updated and managed with additional content.  It was vitally important that the website was responsive to screen size as the majority of site visitors were coming from mobile devices.  A simple to use website on a smaller screen would make a huge difference to conversion rates.


Whilst the business and website were both brand new, indexing and traffic expectations are low, due to the amount of time Google needs to learn a website and trust the content it delivers.  Due to this, we decided on a paid ads approach, whilst the organic traffic could be finding its way onto Google in the background.  This approach gives the website time to grow organically, whilst still generating leads from the paid ads and generating natural links, reviews and trust from customers.

Check out the website by clicking the link above and see the website for yourself.  If you would like to improve your website or get more visitors, please don’t hesitate in getting in touch with us and see how we can help.

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