Website Cost Variations

If you are looking for a new website and are shopping around, getting quotes from different places, you may have discovered that the price of a website can vary wildly!

Fro the same type of website, you could be charged £500 or £10,000, depending on who you ask.  This type of price discrepancy is a struggle to get to grips with for customers and agencies believe it or not.

New Web Designer Costs

When a web designer is starting out, the way to get a reputation and a name is to get as much work out as possible, to get that work price is often compromised with designers doing work for much cheaper than it should actually be and if the amount of hours was added up, the cost-per-hour is often very, very low….

Of course, when a web designer first starts up on their own, they will often be working by themselves from their home. No work address or staff etc can help in reducing costs, but as the business grows (or fails) those first customers who helped the business get off the ground find it difficult to get  in touch or get any work done.  This is often because the designer has either quit and got a different job that pays better, or they have got busier with new clients paying a higher rate.

This sounds like conjecture, but it is a story we hear time and time again about a friend, cousin, mates son/daughter who helped them out, but now they can’t get any changes done, or can’t get anything changed quickly enough.

Web Design Agency Charges

Once you talk to agencies, rather than one-man bands, you will be looking at a higher price bracket.  This is due to staff costs, office costs, insurances and everything else that comes with running a business.  There is also a trust factor involved.  Many agencies are caught in a struggle with pricing, charge too low and the bigger website jobs from big companies won’t choose them. The low price is actually off-putting for a. company with a big budget. Charge too much and the smaller – but more frequent work will go elsewhere.

Website complexity

The size and scale of a website will also have bearing on the cost. a single page website that contains text and images will be less taxing and much cheaper than a 10,000 product e-commerce website with CRM integration and all other types of advanced functionality.

If you are looking for quotes for a website, a question a web designer usually asks is what is your budget?  This isn’t to determine how much they can charge you, but more about what type of website you could achieve within your budget. Having an understanding of what you could get within your budget will help you plan your website accordingly.

If you are looking for a new website or just a quote, please get in touch and tell us what you need. At the very least we will be able to let you know the type of budget you will need.

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