Google Adwords Management In Wigan

Get more for your Pay Per Click budget with a professionally managed Adwords account in Wigan.

Google Ads Wigan – PPC Management

Perhaps surprisingly, creating a Google Ads account is really easy.  I’m sure you will have seen adverts from Google showing you the quick set-up and simple process to get your name out there on Google in front of people ready to buy.  This is undeniably true – the set up is really easy. However, analysing and adapting your campaigns becomes more troublesome as you rely on Google to do the best by you and your business, rather than an actual person looking through the stats.

As some of those actual people, we have years of experience analysing accounts and implementing changes. Our Google Ads campaigns are proven to make a real difference in terms of quality visits and conversions from an audience that is actually interested in your products or services.

Free Adwords account analysis

Do you already have a Google Adwords account that you are not 100% happy with? If so, please send us your details using the form below. We offer a FREE analysis of your existing Adwords account. Obviously, this comes without any obligation to use our services afterwards.

Just considering using paid search on Google at this stage? Again, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We will inform you of the positives and negatives of paid search, as well as identifying the type of campaigns that we think would work best for you. We’ll take your budget into account and let you know what you could expect in return for that amount of money. Fill in the form below with your name and email address and we will be in touch soon.

Tell me more about…

To know how to improve your Adwords account, you firstly need to understand the components that can be amended. With this in mind, below are the four main areas to look at to make sure they are all working together.

Google Ads Wigan – How does PPC work?

Google Adwords is basically a big auction. However, instead of bidding for a product, you specify how much you are willing to pay for clicks to your website from your selected keywords. For example, I could be running a Google Ads campaign for ‘Adwords Management Wigan’. If I was willing to pay £5 for every click on my website, I would appear in position one if that was more than other people were willing to pay for the same keyword. However, the actual cost of the click I would pay, would be a penny more than the maximum bid of my nearest competitor.  So, if my competitor was willing to pay £4 per click for ‘Adwords Management Wigan’, the amount I would pay to appear above them would be £4.01.

Why should I use Google Ads?

 Increase your sales and leads.

Increase web traffic

Visitors to your site inside an hour

Our pricing plans

Pick a package that suits you. All packages can be customised to your requirements, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch for all enquiries.


£150 per month

For users with a small budget, or who are just getting started on Google Adwords, with budgets less that £500 per month

  • Account analysis and review

  • Keyword research and audience targeting

  • One campaign optimised

  • Progress reporting – monthly

Standard – Most popular

£250 per month

For accounts with a budget between £500 – £1000

  • Account analysis & review

  • Audit & optimisation of existing campaigns

  • Keyword research and audience targeting

  • Analytics and conversion tracking implementation

  • Data analysis and continued optimisation


£400+ per month

For large accounts with Ad spend of £1000 and above

  • Account analysis and review

  • Analytics tracking and conversion implementation

  • Campaign planning and optimisation

  • Keyword research and audience targeting

  • Landing page review and optimisation

  • Monthly reporting and account optimisation

Talk to us about your Adwords account

To proceed, send us a few details about yourself and your current set-up. Following this, we will perform a quick analysis, which will enable us to understand more about your business.  To clarify, this analysis of your site is completely without obligation. So, even if you don’t use our service, you will at least be more informed than you were previously.