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Looking to get a larger audience on Social Media? Do you need a consistent posting strategy to share your products, services, news and events?

Social Media is often thought of as ‘easy’ and free, but is often soon discovered to not be as simple as first thought. Also, time is money and spending your time on fruitless Social media campaigns can be a drain.

Creating an audience that doesn’t only consist of your friends and family can also prove challenging. Does this sound familiar? If so, let us help!

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What social media should you use?

Understanding which social media platforms to use is crucial. Posting on the channels that you use could be a waste of time if your audience isn’t there.

Once the correct channels have been discovered, optimising and creating the correct content will ensure you are visible when called upon.

Social strategy

Getting a content plan together helps map out the next few months or even year, removing the uncertainty of what to post and when, with the understanding of connecting and providing value to your audience.

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Management  & Reporting

Professional third party management means consistent growth with actual targets to smash. Detailed, yet simple reporting allows you to understand and visualise the impact social media is having on your marketing.

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