Web Address: Allstar Breakers

Allstar Breakers are a scrap car dealer, buying end of life cars across the North West and selling any high-quality spare parts that can be salvaged.

They needed an attractive, modern website that was easy to use, contained all the information people would need when looking to sell their end-of-life car easily and could capture and send the details that made valuing a car as simple and fast as possible.


We created a website using WordPress so that it could be easily updated and managed with additional content.  It was vitally important that the website was responsive to screen size as the majority of site visitors were coming from mobile devices.  A simple to use website on a smaller screen would make a huge difference to conversion rates.


Getting the website high on search engines was an obvious priority to generate leads.  The competition is very high for end of life cars, but Allstar Breakers has managed to get onto page one for a number of high value, highly searched terms including:

  • VW breakers
  • Audi breakers
  • Peugeot breakers
  • Vauxhall breakers
  • Land Rover breakers
  • Renault breakers
  • Scrap yard Preston

These search terms (as well as branded searches – people searching for Allstar Breakers) generate a large number of visits and enquiries each month, making the website successful as a sales tool and accounting for 70 -80% of all leads from phone calls and email.

Check out the website by clicking the link above and see the website for yourself.  If you would like to improve your website or get more visitors, please don’t hesitate in getting in touch with us and see how we can help.

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