Web Address: JK Engineering Projects

JK Engineering Projects are a team of Gas and electric engineers who work primarily for commercial businesses including hotels, factories and warehouses, as well as domestic clients.

They needed a website that reflected their professional approach and to attract new business as their old site was put together hastily and without real thought to the digital marketing aspect of the website.

Many existing clients also come about from word-of-mouth, but will still check on the website for research purposes. An attractive website that lists all the services leads to more trust as well as the chance to up-sell, or advertise additional services that you might offer, all things the previous site didn’t do, or at least didn’t do well.


We created a website using WordPress so that it could be easily updated and managed with additional content.  It was vitally important that the website was responsive to screen size as the majority of site visitors were coming from mobile devices.  A simple to use website on a smaller screen would make a huge difference to conversion rates.

We made sure that contact details, as well as all the services on offer, were easily visible on each page, using a dual menu structure.

We also separated all the services that JK Engineering did so that each service would have its own space and ability to expand.  This works well for SEO reasons and allows more information to be explained, rather than be contained to a small section on a page containing lots of different information.

Check out the website by clicking the link above and see the website for yourself.  If you would like to improve your website or get more visitors, please don’t hesitate in getting in touch with us and see how we can help.

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