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SM Drains are a drainage company operating in the Greater Manchester area, dealing with broken and blocked drainage issues for commercial and domestic clients. They set up the company late in 2019 and had a website built in early 2020 to advertise their services.

It was soon discovered that just building a website is not enough to get customers straight away. SEO plays a major part in attracting people to the website and SM Drains were introduced to us through a recommendation from a local pest control who we have done other SEO and website work for.


When we could look at the website mechanics, we could see that there was very little search engine optimisation that had taken place.  There on-page content and the meta content on a page is what Google uses to decide if a website is a good match to a person’s Google search.  Both the on-page and meta content on SM Drains were not optimised for the search terms that would drive traffic to the website.

Alongside optimising the content that was already on the website, we performed a ‘gap-analysis’ to discover content that people were searching for that was missing on the website.  Once we had an extensive list of new content opportunities, we could begin creating the new content page on the website to expand the reach and attract more visitors to the site who were searching for their services.

Running with the website SEO was the off-page marketing that we could help with, including off-site link building and social media marketing.  We noticed that there was an inconsistent posting schedule and channels that were not created to find a wider audience.

We researched the best websites and directories that we could link from in the local area to build up a solid link profile and created new accounts on social media channels that weren’t being utilised previously.

Wit hall the social media channels needed set-up and ready to go, we could concentrate on scheduling posts to target specific audiences.  At the core of SM Drains is the residential customers that are on Facebook and Instagram.  These two channels are the main channels that we advertised on and receive the best results.


Since we started the SEO and marketing campaigns, SM Drains now receives over 600% more visitors than when we started, over a 12 month period.  SEO is not a fast-acting solution, but the results speak for themselves.

The conversions on the website, in the same period, has also increased a lot.  However, the majority of conversions come through social media, which makes sense, as that is where the largest proportion of the audience ‘hangs-out’.  Keeping the website in the audience’s mind on social media is imperative, as when people have an issue with their drainage, seeing an advert on Facebook showing a solution to their problems goes a long way to getting that custom!

The website is in a much stronger position now with the new content in place and taking effect, the conversion optimisation has taken place to give the best chance of converting a website visitor into a website customer.

Whilst the images and videos of sewer work and drain unblocking may not seem like a sort of thing that would be popular, it actually is quite satisfying to watch a drain ‘pop’ and become unblocked!  The Instagram feed, whilst not having a huge following, is growing in popularity due to this type of post, whilst still advertising the companies services.

SM Drain Stats

Underneath are a few screenshots of the results we are seeing for SM Drains.  The first picture shows the visitor numbers and the rise month by month.

The second picture shows the popular search terms that site is appearing for and the average Google positions.  The average position for these terms are getting higher and higher with around 120 different search terms appearing on the first page of Google.  When first starting to monitor the search engine results, the amount of page one results was less than ten.

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SM Drains traffic increases
SM Drains Google positions

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