Web Address: Train 4 Growth

Train 4 Growth is an accredited training provider delivering a wide range of NVQ Diploma qualifications within the areas of Construction, Retrofit/ Green Occupations and Health & Safety.

A website was needed in order to publicise courses and ultimately book spaces that are available on these courses.


We created a website using WordPress so that it could be easily updated and managed with additional content.  It was vitally important that the website was responsive to screen size as the majority of site visitors were coming from mobile devices.  A simple to use website on a smaller screen would make a huge difference to conversion rates.

It is also a simple task to add new functionality to a website – such as course listings and event bookings, with multiple versions of software available to install with the click of a few buttons.


As a new website, the site will not be found easily straight away on Google. However, there are ways to speed the indexing up a bit and make Google spend more time looking at your site and making sure that you are found somewhere in the pages of search results when a corresponding search is perfomred.

To combat a slow start to a website, social media is to be focussed on as this can give instant results, but these don’t last long if you don’t keep up the posting and interaction on these sites.

Other ways to quickly get results is by paying for them!  Using Google Ads is a great way to get to the top of Google instantly, but there needs to be a budget that is available as you will pay for each click to the website from this channel.

Using paid social channels on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are also good, fast ways to increase followers and this is the way that the website will be getting instant exposure whilst the Google indexing continues to improve in the background.

Check out the website by clicking the link above and see the website for yourself.  If you would like to improve your website or get more visitors, please don’t hesitate in getting in touch with us and see how we can help.

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