Adwords Optimising With Quality Scores

When you are working on your Adwords account and looking through articles (such as this) there is no doubt that you will come across mentions of a ‘quality score’. But what is it and how will it help you?

Quality scores tie up lots of other areas of Adwords optimisation. They give a ranking (out of ten) on how good your advertising on the Google Ads platform is.

Good quality scores will allow you to appear higher in the paid search positions for a lower cost-per-click and lead to an overall better cost-per-conversion.

How Do I Get A Good Quality Score?

A good quality score on your keywords can be brought about by making sure that your keywords are highly relevant to the adverts that will be displayed, as well as the landing page on your website that you are directing people to.

An area of optimisation that I use regularly is to break up Ad groups into small, highly targeted groupings, rather than placing all your keywords into one place.

An example of this would be if I was using Adwords to get people to see my services, keywords would include: SEO Optimisation, Google Ads Optimisation, Web Design, and Social Media Management.

If I was to use all those keywords in one Ad group, what advert would appear? If a Google user was searching for SEO optimisation and an ad appeared talking about Social Media Marketing, then there is an instant disconnect between what they have searched and what I have shown them.

This would lead to a lower quality score than it would if the Ad text matched the search term.

Quality score is also affected by the web page the visitor lands on. Again, the relevance of the content is what the quality score is based on. A common mistake that affects quality score is an advert that goes directly to a home page, rather than the service page that contains detailed information about the specific search query.

Quality Score Vs Cost Per Conversion

Improving your quality score leads to a reduction in cost per conversion as the graph above indicates.

Modify Google Adwords columns

You will need to modify the columns on your keyword list and select quality score to see each keywords quality score.

How To Increase Quality Score?

Here are some steps that you can take to improve your quality score:

  • Only use a small number of keywords per Ad group that are all relevant.
  • Make your adverts completely relevant to your keywords and use the keywords within your headline text.
  • Don’t send all your traffic to your home page. Either create dedicated landing pages, or send to content within your site that already exists about the keyword topic.
  • Add negative keywords to refine your searches and keep them relevant.

Making these changes will lead to a better cost-per-acquisition, lower cost-per-click, and an overall better account. Your budget will work harder than previously to get you more sales or leads.

As your account gets more conversions and even more quality leads through more precise keyword targeting, your future campaigns will benefit from getting a boost of quality score. This is due to the expected click-through rate of the campaigns you have been working on improving.

Expected click-through rate is another factor that improves quality score. However, I didn’t mention it previously, as if you had a good expected click-through rate already, chances are your quality score would already be good and you wouldn’t be reading this post!

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